Playing in the blinds is one of the trickiest spots in poker. It’s a fact that people lose the most money from the blinds than any other position . There are various strategies and techniques to learn to not only minimize your losses from the blinds, but to actually start profiting significantly!

How do we do this?

Well, in a blind vs. blind scenario, you can oftentimes auto-profit, meaning you can raise any two cards and guarantee a profit. Take this course and I will teach you how to do this, and you will become a pro at playing from the toughest positions at the poker table!

Hey there! I'm Lexy and I'm originally from NY, now living in CA. I am the #1 Ranked Female Poker Player in the 2019 World Series of Poker and have won over $1,000,000 from this game that I love.

  I first began my poker career as an online player. I moved to Canada after “Black Friday” to pursue the online grind, where I would mass multi-table 24 tables of micro and small stakes NL cash games. I really believe this volume of play, analyzing and studying my mistakes was the greatest contributor to my success in poker.

After living in Canada, I moved to Las Vegas where I made the switch to live poker. I began playing tournaments and mid and high stakes cash games.

I’m SO excited to take my 11 year experience as a professional poker player, and teach all of you what I picked up along the way. I want you all to know that with dedication, determination, and study, you WILL become a winning poker player! 



How to play from the blinds & blind vs. blind play